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Our area of the city of Bristol

St George.



Until the 1860's St George was located outside the City of Bristol's boundary, and was a market garden that catered for Bristol's expanding population.By the 1890’s and with a rapidly growing population, terraced houses, larger villas, shops and a park were built along with a library and Police Station.

The park is regarded as one of the important landmarks in the area with a lake and large expanses of grassy terraces and a stunning tree- lined avenue.

An iconic landmark known as ‘The Fountain’, a Victorian drinking fountain still remains, and is located at the junction of the main Church Road with roads leading to Kingswood and Hanham.

The road was once the boundary between Bristol and Gloucestershire.

In the early 20th Century St George was linked to other parts of the city by means of an electric tram network.

St George still retains evidence of its fascinating industrial heritage, and an area known as Troopers Hill has significant historic and industrial connections. It was a mining area in the early 19th century, and in modern times was designated as a local nature reserve. It is also regarded as an important feature in the local natural landscape.

The St George in Bloom committee members are very keen to showcase these unique, diverse and historic elements of St Georges past, and we also look forward to a great future for our very special part of the City of Bristol.


A number of local ‘friends of’ groups together with a residents association  in St George have now achieved national awards for their voluntary work in this area of the city.


We are all working together to support St George in Bloom, and we hope that this will  continue to grow into an exciting and colourful way of showcasing our part of the City of Bristol, and you will wish to join us by entering one or more of the St. George in Bloom categories this year ,and help to celebrate the St. George area of the city of Bristol.


Grenville Johnson. Chair of St George in Bloom.




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